French-Inspired Breakfast Ideas

Whether your establishment is an all-American diner or an international café, your breakfast menu can end up as stale as day-old bread if you don’t freshen it up every once in a while. Why not infuse your breakfast fare with a few French favorites? Here are some ideas to get you on a roll (pun intended):

Of course, croissants are a must for any French breakfast. Our ready-to-bake or proof and bake croissants give you the ultimate convenience and your patrons a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

And don’t forget crepes, not to be confused with pancakes. Unlike thick American pancakes, crepes are thin, light and airy. They can be served either sweet (think Nutella, fruit, mascarpone and fruit compote) or savory (eggs, vegetables, chicken and pesto).

If you’re more ambitious, go for pain au chocolat, a sweet roll dotted with chocolate chunks.

Ratatouille for breakfast? Oui! Serve poached eggs with ratatouille toast. The best part is that the ratatouille – a vegetable stew of eggplant, zucchini, and peppers – can be made ahead of time and should last for three days refrigerated.

Quiche is a perfect alternative to traditional egg dishes. Make your own or use prepared quiche shells, then fill with savory egg custard and vegetables such as asparagus or spinach and artichokes. Pack on the protein with seafood, poultry, ham or bacon. If you have a breakfast buffet or simply want to offer more options, make quiche tarts.

Your guests will love pain perdu – and have fun guessing what it is. Give up? It’s French toast! For a truly French version, start with a baguette. Experiment by adding Grand Marnier or Armagnac, a French brandy, to the batter.

Add a French flair to any bread with truffle butter. Spread it on a French baguette, breakfast rolls or just plain toast. Voilà!