Holiday Favorites for Catering

Delicious food is an essential part of the holiday season. Whether you’re providing lunch for a corporate event or simply feeding a large group, unique catering ideas can really make any meal a memorable one. After all, food is a personal experience.

We have assembled an array of wonderful choices that any catering company would be proud to serve. These are menu ideas for corporate retreats, cocktail parties, team workshops, lunch meetings or any other type of event that needs catering. Here’s a helpful list of our most popular catering foods around the holiday season.

Our mini quiches (cheese, tomatoes and onions flavor) are delicious and easy to eat, making them a good choice for large crowds.

Cheese fanatics will go crazy for our breaded goat cheese, perfect for an appetizer or salad garnish.

Don’t forget about the vegetarians! Chickpea bites or red kidney bean bites are delicious and healthy small appetizers. With its tender texture inside and its crunchy surface, it represents the perfect alternative to meat products, without sacrificing taste. For potato lovers, we offer individual potato gratins with porcini mushrooms precooked and ready to heat.

As for dessert, we offer Petit Fours which are hand finished, preservative-free and have all-natural flavor. We also offer Exotic Petit Fours, a selection of lighter mini pastries with exotic fruits and unique shapes. This gives people the option to taste different ones.

Macaroons are elegant and always a crowd-pleaser. Choose from different flavors or multi-flavored sets. Or go for a different route with our Caramel Delight, an individual pastry with a crumble base topped with a light Toffee cream.

No matter what option you pick, White Toque has the ingredients and ready to cook items that will make your catering business the one people trust during the busy holiday season.