Perfecting Side Dishes

When it comes to the holidays, a great deal of focus is on the main dishes like turkey or ham. That being said, we all know how important sides are during this season. Here are some tricks and tips to elevate your side dishes that customers won’t be able to get enough of.

When it comes to veggies, fresh herbs and seasonings can transform your dish. Potatoes are a great side dish and no matter how you prepare it, from mashed to baked, it’s always a crowd-pleaser. Make sure to use plenty of butter or olive oil, but do not forget the herbs.

Garlic-roasted brussels sprouts add some much-needed flavor to this healthy vegetable. How to make it newsworthy? Add Dijon mustard for an unexpected kick that ties everything together.

Artichokes are rarely on the top of anyone’s list, but adding some much-needed fat will change that. Make simple artichoke bites wrapped in bacon to attract both bacon lovers and those looking for a bit of green in their meal.

Squash and sweet potatoes come to mind during the holidays but surprise a crowd with sweet carrots. Mix butter, honey and lemon juice and cook with carrots until a glaze is formed.

Transform baguettes into specialty garlic bread. Simply slice them in half lengthwise and spread with garlic, butter, olive oil, and fresh parsley, and add other toppings such as olives, diced tomatoes, or a pesto spread. To attract cheese lovers, add cheese on top. These baguettes can be prepared ahead of time, and baked right before serving.

Mac and cheese are always ordered, especially when different and unique types are created. Add a layer of raclette to the top of baked mac and cheese and diners will tell the difference. This strong french cheese melts wonderfully and adds an extra touch of richness to this holiday favorite.

The holidays are a time for tried and true favorites and iconic winter dishes. Add your own twist to these classic dishes and watch customers revel in new and exciting flavors.