Get to Know Les Huiles de Cauvin: Specialty Oils From the South of France

As a leading importer of specialty products, White Toque prides itself on sharing incredible foods from alcove businesses around the world. Les Huiles de Cauvin is one of such talents. What began as a small oil mill in 1951 is now an international supplier of fine oils, run by the same family five generations later. The Nimes-based production site maintains a low environmental impact, earning a PME+ certification by following organic farming practices and leaving zero pesticide residue.

To help spread the word about these delicious oils that are not only good on the shelf, but good for the world, we’re introducing some Cauvin products now, along with serving suggestions that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Avocado Virgin Oil

With a fresh and airy flavor, this oil is the key ingredient in a terrific vinaigrette, and the finishing note on a chef-quality gazpacho or green salad.

Hazelnut Virgin Oil

This slightly sweet, nutty oil takes baked goods, pumpkin soup, and steamed vegetable dishes to the next level.

Walnut Virgin Oil

What can’t it do? Rich, nutty, and packed with omega-3s, Walnut Virgin Oil blends well with fish, cheese, and greens. Try on salmon toast or with grilled vegetables!

Spicy Pizza Olive Oil

Though this oil adds a delightful spice to any pizza, it can do more than its name suggests! Enjoy with pasta or grilled meats for extra flavor and heat.

Organic Sesame Virgin Oil

The keystone of Asian cooking. Try with fish, wok noodles, stir fries, or a refreshing vinaigrette.

Organic BIOMEGA 4 Oils Blend

Our BIOMEGA formulation seamlessly blends four oils to create something delicious and heart-healthy. Enjoy as a neutral but impactful glaze on any meat, vegetable, or salad.

Organic Sunflower Oil

Bright, fresh, and surprisingly nutty, this oil is the delicious finishing touch on any summer salad. Bakers will delight upon finding this in-store: it adds a unique and refreshing flavor to homemade breads!