The Rise of Gluten-Free Dessert Options

After years of relegation to niche health-food stores and odd corners of the internet, the gluten-free diet has sprung free from its leash and entered the collective consciousness. Every celebrity and fitness trainer seems to have touted the benefits of the regimen, and the movement has finally reached the food industry.

2020 is the year food and beverage professionals will take widespread notice of the gluten-free diet. As an ever-increasing number of consumers opt to eliminate gluten from their diet, business owners will move to recognize the shift in consumers’ attitudes and preferences, adding culinary options to accommodate them.

Finding suitable gluten-free desserts to add to your menu can prove to be a daunting task. While gluten-free desserts are not exactly a new-fangled concept, White Toque’s tasty treats are the perfect example of gluten-free done right.

Studies show that despite the rise of gluten-free diets, customers still seek gluten-free alternatives to foods already in their diet, rather than abstaining altogether. Why skip dessert if you can eat gluten-free dessert? It was this mindset that inspired White Toque to aid business owners who recognize the prevalence of gluten-free options on their menus and in their businesses.

Our soft gluten-free tartlets come in convenient individual portions with an almond cream-gilded breton biscuit serving as a base for each. Two variations – chocolate caramel and cheese with raspberries – are topped with ganache and cheese mousse (respectively) and make for delectable treats your customers will relish.

Include our vegan brownie on your menu to satisfy your customers’ gluten-free cravings. This dark chocolate dessert delicacy comes garnished with grilled pecans and is the perfect marriage of a soft and crunchy edible. Customers whose taste buds veer away from chocolate will find pleasure in our gluten-free almond cake, which comes garnished with tasty flaked almonds.

These equally convenient and tasty pleasures are ideal options to add for gluten-averse customers who are looking for more dessert choices. From raspberry jam to crunchy almond flakes, our delights are sure to elevate your menu and surpass your customers’ expectations.