5 Reasons to Play Music in your Restaurant

Have you ever enjoyed your meal at a restaurant but then decided to not come back? This happens quite frequently. There are many reasons that people enjoy dining out and the food is just one of them. A nice ambiance and a chance to get out of the house are other reasons. Because of this, restaurants need to focus on more than just creating appetizing dishes for their customers- they need to create an experience as well. One of the simplest and easiest ways to do that is through music.

People like the feeling of privacy in a well-maintained atmosphere. Music helps in that it adds enough noise in a room to drown out other customers and give them privacy for their conversation. It can help a dining experience by filling in any awkward pauses. Not to mention that music helps customers when they have to wait-either for a table or for their food to arrive.

Music can set the tone for your restaurant. Research has shown that classical and jazz music makes a restaurant seem more high class while pop and rap music makes a place seem more casual. You can use this to your benefit depending on the vibe you want. This will help you attract the type of diners you are aiming for.

Music also sets the tone for how long people will stay at a restaurant. Fast, up-tempo music has been shown to get diners in and out so try this if you want fast turn over. On the other hand, slower music has been revealed to make people eat slower and sit longer. Go this route if this fits your style of restaurant and if you want people to stick around for dessert and coffee.

Playing music can also boost staff morale. Just make sure to have long playlists so that it never gets repetitive, for them or for frequent guests. Try to avoid Top 40 radio as this can also sound repetitive. Music should enhance the atmosphere but no be too noticeable either. Playing the right music at the right volume is the most affordable and quick way to set the right mood for your restaurant.