Best Restaurant Meals for Weight Loss

A night out should be fun and relaxing but often times, it ends with guilt over the food choices you may have made. Eating healthy is a top concern for many people, but limited choices and unappealing options have made it difficult. Who wants to order quinoa when others are gorging on steak and pasta? It may be easier to cut back on carbs and fats at home, but it is harder to stick to eating healthy at restaurants. Focus on these tips to help weight-conscious visitors enjoy your restaurant.

One of the most important communications a weight-conscious customer will look for is how an item is cooked. Grilled, roasted and steamed are sought after. They will try to avoid anything fried, smothered, or breaded. Roasted & Grilled veggies are packed with flavor but not with calories. Feature grilled zucchini as a side which is more appetizing than a salad. Often times, even healthy options lose their benefits because of the method of preparation.

Sometimes a dish itself is healthy but the additions are not. Lobster, for example, is low in calories and fat but high in nutrients. Unfortunately, it is almost always doused in butter or mayo. The same goes for a salad which has hidden calories with its dressing. By giving different options like having certain things on the side, customers will still be able to choose these items.

Of course, healthy fats are good! Serve dishes that include avocados, olive oil, and nuts. Fish is always a good option with cod having very low calories while salmon has the right type of fat. To get cheese lovers, try a dish with goat cheese as it has fewer calories and grams of fat than traditional cow’s milk cheese.

While some will try to avoid bread, you can still woo them with whole wheat or multigrain options. For red meat lovers, stock up on leaner cuts such as skirt, flank, and filet mignon. Even tacos can be made healthier by using corn tortillas instead of flour ones. There are many ways to keep customers happy and healthy just with simple modifications and moderation.