The best side dishes to offer with holiday meals

This holiday season, surprise your dinner guests by serving updated versions of traditional side dishes and totally new culinary creations along with the traditional ones.

For a different take on green beans, use haricot verts with a Mushroom cream. Our mushroom cream is made with a subtle mix of Porcini and baby Portobello. You can also make your mushroom sauce with a variety of mushrooms. Best of all, this casserole can be made in advance. For a spicier version, add a dash of Espelette pepper.

While Brussels sprouts are sprouting up everywhere, this vegetable still has its detractors. To get even those who turn up their noses at this fiber- and nutrient-packed veggie to enjoy it, try making an au gratin. This side dish, filled with Bechamel Sauce, will be hard for guests to pass on.

There are mashed potatoes, and then there are garlic roasted potatoes. Roasting the garlic takes the edge off, imparting a slightly sweet flavor. Use our potatoe puree as a base to make prep easy and fast.

Potatoes au gratin is a popular side dish and we make it easy to serve to your customers. Our potato au gratin is individual servings made with thinly sliced potatoes and Emmental cheese.

Skip the same-old rolls and opt for pinwheels. Puff pastry dough makes pinwheels especially light and fluffy. Fill the pinwheels with various ingredients like cheese or spreads. Try them with slices of brie, brown sugar and dried cranberries for a more a festive dish.

Alternatively, use puff pastry dough to create an easy side or appetizer. Cut small squares from the dough then bake. Once baked cut out a circle in the middle and fill with sauteed mushrooms and goat cheese.