The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

The holidays are coming up and so is the desire for certain dishes. With the weather getting colder and Thanksgiving around the corner, the desire for meals that feel homey and classic are high. Satisfy customers with these delicious dishes.

Don’t forget about the veggies! Balsamic brussels sprouts and tomatoes is an easy dish to cook up. Tender roasted brussels sprouts sautéed in shallot-garlic infused olive oil mixed with fresh cherry tomatoes sounds like a dream. Top with Parmesan and glaze with balsamic reduction

Sautéing snap peas with fried shallots and a squirt of lemon juice ups the flavor factor while still keeping things simple. It really brings out the taste of this healthy side.

Who doesn’t love bread stuffing? Comforting bread stuffing can have some added flavor and texture by adding an earthy mushroom mix. Simply add that with your choice of protein (we recommend pork sausage) and rosemary and thyme for a decadent and rich stuffing.

Roasted cauliflower and chestnuts baked to perfection (around 25 minutes) are perfect for the holidays. Simply toss to combine and you have made a fulfilling dish that uses chestnuts in an unexpected way. 

Instead of the classic mashed potato, try our Aligot to entice customers. This creamy and cheesy dish makes the ultimate side. It’s traditionally served with sausages and meats but will be just as delicious with roasted vegetables and turkey. 

For an added crunch that’s bright and sweet, try garnishing pomegranate seeds on top of spinach, apple, and walnut salad. For an unexpected surprise, sprinkle some on top of a red rice dish. Use our farro and red rice mix and your guests will swoon over this surprising duo.

Whether your guests want a classic Thanksgiving meal, or thanksgiving inspired dishes, you’ll be sure to please with White Toque.