Food Trends to Watch For

The advent of the new decade has brought in a crop of new food trends and flavors, changing the purchasing habits of consumers. In fact, according to analysts and trend predictors, health conscious and climate conscious options are on the menu for 2020. Some of these options include low-sugar foods, complex carbohydrates, regenerative agriculture and plant-based options – among others.

Here are the top three food trends to plan for this year.

Reduced-Sugar Foods

“Reduced-sugar” and “sugar-free” have been buzzwords for the past decade, but
began to really gain momentum in 2019. Nutrition-minded customers occupy a larger sect of businesses’ consumer base with every month – and 2020 shows no signs of this trend slowing down. It is estimated that nearly two-thirds of European consumers are seeking to lower their sugar intake, while the fraction is similar for their American counterparts. White Toque carries a variety of sugar-free products in our catalogue, making it easy for consumers to partake in this international food trend.

Regenerative Agriculture

As climate concerns heighten, consumers are seeking to use their purchasing power to support regenerative practices, which minimize damage to the terrestrial ecosystems. Farming processes, when done in excess or improperly, lead to heightened carbon emissions and wastes fertile soil. In 2020, consumers will support companies that prove their dedication to sustainability, with regenerative agriculture as a focal point in the food industry.

Plant-Based Options

Plant-based trends will continue to sprout in 2020, as its popularity begins to extend beyond traditional vegan/vegetarian diets. Prior biases and attitudes against vegetables have eroded, and consumers are increasingly curious and enthusiastic about seeing vegetables on menus. Some White Toque plant-based favorites among customers include everything from our savory red kidney bean bites, to our one-of-a-kind chickpea bites. As the year goes on, business owners are likely to continue to rebrand traditional meals and vegetables as they edit their menus.

These trends and more (vegan diets, expanded delivery options, etc.) are projected to dominate the culinary landscape in 2020, and will see promotion in – and outside – kitchens worldwide. Business owners who are quick to respond are likely to enjoy a boost as robust as their new food options