Fresh Recipes for the End of Summer, Featuring Clovis Mustards

Early summer dining trends are easy to predict: menus cater to the heat, offering light and refreshing entrées with plenty of unique drinks. In August and September, summer takes on a transitional tone. People begin seeking autumnal flavors like pumpkin and apple, even though the weather is too hot for heavy meals. Not to mention, many restaurants still have plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to put to use. 

Our solution? Capture the best of both seasons by featuring summer produce in a new light. Incorporate ripe veggies like tomato and asparagus into meals with a heartier edge. Then, tie it all together with a savory mustard like Whole Grain or Dijon from Clovis. With fresh, energizing textures and expertly blended flavors, Clovis mustards are perfect for transitioning your menu items from summer to autumn. Plus, real whole mustard seeds add a delightful bite to each dish that will keep customers coming back for more. 

Here are our favorite recipes for August and September, featuring creative and delicious uses of Clovis mustards: