Insight of the Month: Restaurant Math

Anybody watching the latest season of FX’s The Bear knows that it takes more than good food to run a successful restaurant. For that matter, so does anyone who runs a restaurant. So what is the special sauce that makes business boom? According to Joe Bastianich, the owner of Osteria Mozza and about 30 different restaurants internationally, success comes down to a simple formula of profit margins. Bastianich’s philosophy is that every nickel counts. Dollars are saved with small efforts like chopping large carrots instead of buying baby carrots, and dollars are lost with unwise investments like linen tablecloths. The full chart above includes more of Bastianich’s pro tips, which can help get you thinking about ways to save in your own restaurant.

For more data insights, check out this month’s blog post, in which we do a deeper dive on the top qualities of successful restaurants. 

Source: OPENforum